Gavin C. Wyant, Owner & Trainer

GCW Gym is owned and operated by Gavin Wyant. Gavin is passionate about teaching all ages and abilities new ways to achieve their ideal level of fitness. Gavin is certified by The International Sports Science Association and aspires to share his knowledge and expertise in all things physical fitness with his clients.

“When I was 12 years old I started working out with two personal trainers. I hated it at first but I kept coming back because I liked the guys I was training with, Dan and Ryan. I worked with them for about seven years. Fitness had become such a big part of my life that I had found myself spending all my free time learning about biomechanics, strength building programs, and overall health. The most important thing I learned was how fitness can help you to improve yourself as a person and allow you to live a happier life… that’s what made me fall in love with fitness.”

– Gavin C. Wyant

The facility is a 2400 square foot private training facility located in Indiana, PA. Free weights, indoor turf, and sleds are used to help individuals and small groups reach their fitness goals.

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